Се известуваат сите клиенти каде што се инсталирани SOYAL уреди, дека поради зголемување на нивото на безбедност, потребно е да се извршат промена на стандардните (default) корисничко име и лозинка на уредите. Доколку не сте во можност тоа самите да го направите Ве молиме контактирајте го Глобал Секјурити.



Color Contrast, Brightness adjustment, DO NOT DISTURB setting, Visitor-call transfer,Indoor monitor listening function, Image format convert 16:9 to 4:3; Broadcast function;










Basic function


1. Intercom function: See the image of the visitors and talk with them through the Video Door Answering Systems.

2. Door monitoring function: You can see what going on in front of the doorbell or CCTV camera on the monitor at any time through the Door monitoring system. 

3. Lock control: Unlock the door through the intercom door security system. 

4. Optional volume adjustment: According to residential needs, the chime volume and talking volume can be adjusted ; 

5. Appropriate color , contrast and brightness may be adjusted to get better displaying; 

6. Don't disturb choice: the best video door phone can set No-Disturb state if you don’t want to be disturbed by visual doorbell ring.


Expand function


1. The 4 wire villa intercom system supports visitor-call transfer between monitors and make internal call among intercoms; 

2. The smart home system supports indoor monitor listening function .It can be active if you have no less than 2 indoor monitors. Indoor units can choose the monitored number and the listening time is 8 hours; 

3. Image format convert 16:9 to 4:3: Indoor monitor can display the image from video camera doorbell, and the display ratio can be changed between 16:9 and 4:3; 

4. Broadcast: User can broadcast to all other monitors in the system; 

5. Image and video captured: The Villa intercom system support over 60 captured images with internal flash, recording audio and video from doorbell with SD card; 

6. Video door phone with DVR function: DVR function can help you record video from doorbell or CCTV camera in system; 

7. Answer machine function: If the Auto Leaving Message turns on, the musical video door phone system will remind the visitor to leave a message when they press the doorbell; 

8. Multimedia function: The multimedia manager supports playing the following format files: JPG, MP3 and MP4 . 

9. Call transfer to telephone: When somebody presses door panel and there is no answer during CHIME TIME, the call will be transfered to the set telephone/mobile.




Display screen:7 inch Color Analog LCD 

Resolution :800×480 

Power Supply: AC100-240V 

Video input : 1Vp-p(75Omh) 

Power consumption: 1.5w ~9 w 

Wiring mode: 4 wires/100m 


Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking

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