Се известуваат сите клиенти каде што се инсталирани SOYAL уреди, дека поради зголемување на нивото на безбедност, потребно е да се извршат промена на стандардните (default) корисничко име и лозинка на уредите. Доколку не сте во можност тоа самите да го направите Ве молиме контактирајте го Глобал Секјурити.



Control unit for detection & measurement of carbon monoxide using semiconductor for underground cark parks. DURAN 203 PLUS is a modular panel from 1 to 4 module lines, with a

maximum capacity of 56 detectors (14/module line), 8 programmable ventilation and alarm levels. DURAN 203 PLUS only uses DURAN 203 PLUS detectors

Microprocessed detector for carbon monoxide

NB 983/6 Series detectors are manufactured in accordance with CE/ISO 9001-000 Quality Control System, and can be calibrated to either UL or EN-54

Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking

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Global Security is the leading company for distribution and installation of security systems in Macedonia. The company works in the area of video surveillance systems, alarm systems, systems for access and control and electronic evidence of the working time and fire alarm systems. Founded in 2001, the company's success is based on providing top quality to its clients.


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